Winbond W25Q512NW SPI NOR Flash for 5G

Winbond W25Q512NW SPI NOR Flash for 5G offers uniform 4KB sectors and dual/quad SPI inputs. In addition, Winbond W25Q512NW Flash has pin-to-pin compatibility that enables code storage Flash capacity from 16Mbits up to 2Gbits without changing the footprint across different hardware platforms.

The Winbond W25Q512NW 512M-bit Serial Flash Memory supports up to 166MHz SDR and 80MHz DDR in high read-speed and achieves high performance on XIP (eXecute In Place) and Instant-on with QPI. In addition, the W25Q512NW provides flexibility with stacked 1Gb and 2Gb to extend the density up to 2Gb and better performance on Read-While-Write.

The W25Q512NW is designed for 5G modem, 5G edge computing, cloud server, fiber optic modems, and smart IoT segments where they typically increase code-storage flash density 2X every two years.


  • 4 I/O Fixed
  • -40°C to +85°C Temperature range
  • 1.65V to 1.95V Vcc
  • 133MHz Frequency
  • 3 or 4-Byte addressing modes
  • UID & OTP Feature
  • Volatile & non-volatile SR
  • Individual block/sector write protection
  • SOIC16300mil, WSON8 8mm x 6mm, TFBGA24 6mm x 8mm (5 x 5 Matrix) package


  • 5G modem
  • 5G edge computing
  • Cloud server
  • Fiber optic modems
  • Smart IoT segments

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Winbond W25Q512NW SPI NOR Flash for 5G
Pubblicato: 2021-06-24 | Aggiornato: 2023-02-09