Murata Electronics LQW Wirewound Type Inductors

Murata Electronics LQW Wirewound Type Inductors feature a high Q value, giving them ideal attenuation characteristics inside the passband of filters. These devices support large currents, and two types of structures are available. Typical applications for Murata LQW Wirewound Type Inductors include RF matching circuits requiring Q value characteristics, choke circuits that support high current levels, and antenna matching circuits.

LQW18AN inductors are AEC-Q200 qualified, making them ideal for automotive electronics and come in a 0603 case size.


  • Two types of structures are available
  • High Q (Quality factor) value
  • Supports large currents


  • RF matching circuits requiring Q value characteristics
  • Choke circuits that support large current levels
  • Antenna matching circuits
Pubblicato: 2016-02-18 | Aggiornato: 2023-02-03