JAE Electronics IL-AG7 Connectors

JAE Electronics IL-AG7 Connectors are designed for automotive instrument-panel applications. These PCB-to-cable connectors feature a mechanical lock to assure positive mating while a unique housing configuration helps prevent mismating. JAE Electronics IL-AG7 Connectors are secured by a flange on either side of the insulator.


  • Designed for automotive instrument-panel applications
  • Mechanical lock assures positive mating
  • Unique housing configuration helps prevent mismating
  • Double-locking mechanism prevents dislodging of contacts
  • 2.50mm (.098") contact spacing, 025 crimp contacts
  • JAE IL-AG5 series is used for the socket side
Pubblicato: 2016-12-06 | Aggiornato: 2022-03-11