Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation Slalom SMT Heat Sink

Aavid Slalom Surface Mount (SMT) Heat Sink for D2PAK meets the needs of newer, higher power semiconductors. Increased thermal performance (up to 30%), reduced cost, lightweight, and designed for use in applications with limited PC board space, the Aavid Thermalloy Slalom Surface Mount Heat Sink is ideal for power supplies, telecommunications, motor controls, medical equipment, industrial process control equipment, and consumer products.


  • Increased thermal performance up to 30% over bright copper heat sinks from improved radiation of the black finish
  • Aluminum design reduces the heat sink cost versus similar designs utilizing copper
  • Light-weight aluminum construction allows faster pick and place assembly reducing the manufacturing cycle time
  • Black finish provides enhanced heat absorption, improving infrared reflow process cycle time and quality
  • Edge-mounted "Skis" designed for applications with limited PC board space and allow customization of footprint design and size


  • Power supplies
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Motor controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial process control equipment
  • Consumer products
Pubblicato: 2009-05-04 | Aggiornato: 2022-09-21